On "Commercial" Party Gear...

I get a lot of requests for "commercial" stuff. A lot of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, a lot of Hello Kitty, a lot of Toy Story...the list goes on and on and on. I tend to stay away from these sorts of themes because I don't want to get a slap on the hand from Eric Carle's (Hungry Caterpillar) lawyer again. Or anyone else's lawyer for that matter. To be quite honest I am shocked at how many Etsy shops are getting away with using all of these trademarked images for profit.

That said, I too am guilty of using commercial images every now and again - sometimes, when a kid just LOOOVES a certain something, you can't avoid using it. Afterall, this is about the children, right? Here are some pictures of some parties with a few familiar faces...Keep in mind that I'm only doing these kinds of parties for friends (not for profit) at this point... but don't worry - I have a back-up plan!

Now before you go tying up your kid and beating her with a wet noodle until she changes her mind from something commercial to something out of my shop... hear me out. Although I'm not willing to use these trademarked images as is - I am very willing to use my own images and graphics that will compliment your commercial theme. Up next I'll show you how we turned "Fancy Nancy" into "Fancy Presley". Mom was able to use store bought "legal" commercial products and pair them with my designs to throw a gorgeous party that the birthday girl loved and I didn't get sued over!


  1. Sorry to hear about the trouble! Looks like you don't even need those characters anyway..your parties supplies are fabulous! :)

  2. I agree you party decor is just way too cute cant wait for Millie's whoo two party :)

  3. michele.. i'm rina, mommy to alana nadira. i did send to you my custome item detail ( cute pink bunny ). already left the message and your blog.. i really loved your designs. hopefully you can design for my lil' girl's coming birthday on 23 sept 2010. i'm looking forward to deal with you, as i'm from malaysia so need extra time for the shipping. kindly reply me.. thanx;)

  4. michelle.. did sent u details for my custom party theme. when will you starts doing it? i'll pay u as soon as u'd agree with the deal.. hope to hear from u soon.. thanx;)

  5. Hey Alana!

    I'll reply via Etsy convo!

    Talk to you soon-Michelle