Kerby's Dance Party

Best thing about cleaning out my inbox? Coming across pictures sent by customers that I somehow forgot I had! I actually squealed in delight when opening mom Allison's email that contained these - because as you can see from the date on the invite - it was a little while ago.

I loved everything about this party. I loved the birthday girl's name, Kerby. How cute is that? And when mom sent Kerby's photo for the invite, I loved Kerby! How stinkin' cute is she? And that tutu-pettiskirt number? Love. I loved the bright colors. I loved that all the little girls came dressed in their ballerina best. I loved those leg warmers best of all. I loved that it was a party theme I hadn't done yet. I loved that she was having her party at a dance studio - my best friend owned a dance studio so I know how fun those places can be for little girls.

Although hosting a party at a venue other than your  home can be a challenge, mom Allison did a fabulous job. By bringing your own party gear, table covers, banners etc you can transform any space into a party space. Make a quick visit ahead of time, see what they have to offer in terms of tables, chairs etc - use what they have and bring the rest! It's not as difficult as it may seem, especially when your Le Poppy stuff comes assembled and ready to party - straight out of the box!

Just add tutus.


  1. Very cute party!!

  2. What a sweet birthday party, I LOVE Kerby's tutu!

  3., love!! Was strolling throught your blog and recognized these people! LOL
    Allison is one of my cookie customers! Small world! *Ü*