Whale of a birthday!

I'm begging here. Somebody puh-lease go with the whale theme! This banner and hat turned out so cute - it's probably good that the order wasn't any bigger because I may have died from the cuteness and not lived to tell about it. I'm now  left with visions of whales swimming through my head - I MUST do this one again!  Is anyone with me? Do you see the potential? Could quite possibly end up being a top five fave (don't ask what the top five faves are because I'm pretty sure they change daily.)

I snapped a few pictures before shipping this one off, not knowing whether or not I'd see any pictures from the party. Little did I know that mom (with great party throwing taste, may I add) Lindsay would send me some of the cutest pictures I could have imagined! Will you look at those cupcakes? And the cake!? Come on - it doesn't get any cuter! This one really was a whale of a birthday party!

...and the best one

I'll be waiting (not so) patiently for someone to start banging down the doors demanding a whale party.


  1. I had a whale themed 1st birthday for my son last October and couldn't find ANYTHING whale. Wish I would have known about you then! These are very, very cute!

  2. I did an Ocean"one"derland party last year.And we had a "whale"of a time! was really cute too!

  3. Oh so cute! I'll have to keep this theme in mind for the next kid :) And those cupcakes are amazing!

  4. hello.. i'm rina, from malaysia. can u deliver d birthday banner to me? i'm thinking to have a 1st birthday bash for my daughter. planning for 'pink rabbit' theme. kindly reply me @ my email thanks;))

  5. I'm hoping to use this for my son's first birthday in July :) We live in Miami and there will be water involved some how! I hope you will still be making this in 6 months!