If you haven't yet decided on a "theme" for your party - fret not my pet - you are not alone! I hear from at least 3 people a week who, like you - are "stuck". Personally, I LOVE working with moms who don't know what they want. I find it challenging and extremely rewarding to have my hand in the process from start to finish. Don't get me wrong - I also love those of you who know EXACTLY what you want, as I tend to be that kind of person myself. But there is something so fun about helping a family put together the perfect party from scratch. I've designed parties around certain toys, favorite blankets, the family pet, books, outfits - you name it, I've seen it and built a party around it. Regardless of where it comes from, inspiration is all around us. Especially for me - I see life through "party-colored glasses". I can not leave the house without finding something that I want to build a party around. Since I don't have 19 kids to throw parties for - that's where you all come in. BOY DO I HAVE A DEAL FOR YOU AND YOUR 19 KIDS! Somebody get on the horn and call the Duggars! (Did I really just say "horn"?)

For those of you who are "stuck". For those of you who are open to ideas. For those of you who just want to save a few bucks.... I'm your girl. Here's the deal. I have a laundry list of "themes" I've been wanting to design for a long time. Parties that I know will be nothing short of ridiculously adorable but for whatever reason have not yet been requested. If you're ready to give me all of the creative freedom I require to make these parties come to life - then I'm ready to give you a BIG DISCOUNT!

Times are tough, you're stuck, I've got ideas - lots of ideas, for both boys and girls - let's do this!

Here are the requirements;
Your party is taking place in mid-April 2010 or later
Your party "theme" is chosen from a list I provide you with
You can just go with the flow and trust that I will deliver you with an adorable end result.
After your party you send me some awesome photos and a little ditty about what you thought of the process (and the end result).
You like paying less than everyone else for some seriously great party goodies.

Most of my very best work comes when customers just sit back and let me drive - I promise you will not regret taking me up on this deal. So get in touch before a) I change my mind or b) the spaces I have reserved for these discounted parties fill up!


  1. Yeah! I LOVE this! I'll be contacting you soon - my party is in June and I have NO CLUE what I want but I know I want it to be extra cute.

  2. What a great idea! My daughter's party will be in late June/early July. I too have no set theme or ideas yet. I will also be 9 months pregnant when she turns 2...thinking I will lack the energy necessary to think that hard. ;) Looks from your etsy show that you are on vacation...I will be in touch when you return.

  3. GREAT IDEA! My son will be 3 in June and I have NO CLUE about a theme! :)
    Convo'ing you now :)