Happy Birthday To....

That's right folks! It's MY birthday! Despite what I do for a living, my own birthdays are pretty low key. I guess that's how it goes when you start getting old. Am I old? Nah... but it's beginning to feel that way sometimes. The other day Todd and I set out for what I was calling in my head "trail running". Ha! More like trail crawling, panting, crying, dying. I sure felt old the next morning - tell you what.

It's probably a good thing we got out and burned some (oh, I'd say it must have been at least forty billion - give or take) calories because tonight I'm about to bust in to that there cake like it's nobody's business. Butterscotch. You either love it or you hate it - that's what I've found. Around here it's considered to be the main way God let's us know that He loves us. Boy does He love us!! It's a chocolate cake with butterscotch frosting - seriously so good. If you want the recipe...holla at a girl.

I'm not really allowed to bake all that often. If I could I'd do it I LOVE to bake. But - once things are baked, turns out they don't grow legs and leave the house. They stay. And we eat them....which requires more trail torture. So, it's reserved for special occasions like today!

We are off to celebrate with Todd's family tonight - his little sister's birthday is tomorrow - two birthdays in two days? I think that's reason enough for cake. Let them eat cake. Let ME eat cake!

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  1. Happy Birthday darlin'! Man, wish I were closer because I would SO help you with that cake issue you've got over there :). Butterscotch sounds way yum!!!