Fan Club Photos!

Ok, so there isn't really a fan club.

But if I were to make one, how many of you would join? Perhaps I'd set it up the same way the only fan club I've ever been a part of was set up. You write me a, with actual paper, telling me how much you love me, and I am your everything and you dream that you and I are married in real life every.single.night and you send it to me in the mail. I then send you a piece of paper back saying something like, "Congrats! You're an official fan!" You get so excited that you literally run around the block telling everyone about the letter. But it doesn't stop there. Maybe I'd start sending you things in the mail, things that other fans don't get. Things that only official fans get. Things that really make your friends jealous. I mean really jealous. Maybe things like, fake backstage passes, or little mini posters of me. Don't forget the sneak peak magazines that have pictures of hundreds of things you can BUY that have me all over them. Pillow cases, telephones, huge buttons - the list goes on. Maybe after being a fan for a while, your collection starts to look like this;

Ok, so maybe my own fans won't be quite as fanatical about me as I was about the New Kids. But did anyone else get in SERIOUS trouble for calling 1-900-909-5KIDS? It was like $2.00 a minute or something like that - my parents were not happy.

On to my own, less obsessive but just as charming fan club. I am LOVING getting pictures of the parties I've helped to create. So far a handful of moms have sent me pictures of the end result and I couldn't be more excited about it! These photos are from a "Cars" party I did - not offered on Etsy for obvious copyright reasons - and it turned out so cute! Mom did an AMAZING job taking my little partyware gems and making them really shine!

Thanks to Allison for being my first offical fan here on the blog - looking forward to many more posts like these to come!

Side note - please do not associate my past love of NKOTB with any sort of current love of NKOTB. I saw them on the Today Show - they haven't seemed to change and that weirds me out. One of my best friends got free (please note, that for her sake they were free) tickets to see one of their reunion shows and she said that the audience clearly was NOT interested in any of their new music. Duh New Kids - you're not New anymore, and I'm not 10 anymore. It's over between us.


  1. omg another fantastic-looking party! lucky little kiddo!

  2. You do the cutest parties! Very fun!