Just a little somethin' to break the monotony...

Will Smith anyone?....ANYONE? OK, so I know that song is titled "Summertime" and well, it's fall...but - it fits. Why? Because with June comes summertime, and in June Rosie's getting married! Just what I needed in the midst of kiddie-party-chaos - something to "break the monotony"(...see I told you that song fit)! A wedding! I couldn't be more excited and I couldn't be working with a sweeter girl! Rosie and I used to work together, along with her sister - who's wedding I planned a couple of years ago. I'm so honored that she's come to me for help with her big day - her colors are awesome and she's got great taste - what more could I ask for?

Her bridesmaid dresses are green - like real, grassy, beautiful, rich green (one of my personal faves) and she's pairing that with hints of true blue...almost royal blue but not quite, but almost. You get it. And if you don't get it... well you will when I show you this;

Awesome right? I put this little ditty together for her last night - to make sure we're on the same page and drumroll please....she loved it. Personally, I'm loving the peacock feather earrings for the bridesmaids and the hairpiece for Rosie. I'm not sure if she'll go for it - but I'm workin on it. I found both of these pieces on Etsy - very reasonably priced but I'll probably just end up making them...because I'm crafty like that....which is why we are both here.

As for the centerpieces, we are going to start collecting a multitude of rectangular glass vessels from various thrift stores (and Ikea - $2.49 each...sweet!) and will be growing our own wheatgrass centerpieces in early June. From what I read they only take a few weeks max to grow - but given my propensity to kill anything alive and green within a mile of my own yard...we'll be doing a test-run...or 4. Wrap a couple of crisp ribbons around and whamo - really inexpensive, really classic and simple centerpieces. Leave your floating candles at the door.

I'm sure I'll be writing plenty more about this wedding as it nears, and hopefully showcasing the mind-blowingly cute "Save the Dates" I'll be creating, very soon.

And because I don't want you all thinking I sewed that cute dress - I should tell you that it's from J Crew, the tie from Brooks Brothers, the cupcakes from a shop in London called Crumbs and Dollies, earrings from Etsy shop Stars and Rocks, hairpiece from the Etsy shop Neva Plume, the socks from some bride who somehow convinced her husband to wear them, and the cookie bar from Martha... whew! That's a lot of props - but they deserve it, so check them all out - especially those Etsy shops...and while you're there, visit MINE!!