Monkeying Around!

As you may have read, I have been doing a lot of monkeys lately. This party is no exception and has been my biggest order to date! Keep in mind that this party was a rush order to begin with - I'm surprised I got any sleep at all these past few nights! I am beginning to see why some people don't do rush orders. It's kind of stressful! None the less, I worked well under pressure this time - and with a little bit of help from my lovely assistant - finished with a day to spare! The feeling of freedom I experience walking away from the post office is such a good one - another adorable party on it's way to a pair of adorable twin boys. Hopefully their mom will send me some pictures of their party because by the sounds of it (she has custom monkey cupcakes, custom made shirts, custom made cookies) this party is going to be seriously awesome! Hopefully my little contribution below is included in said awesomeness....

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