Race (Not like Nascar) On Over

My "Race On Over" line was designed for an adorable little guy named Jake - who, don't tell him, is getting an equally adorable vintage race car scooter for his first birthday! Mom wasn't 100% on a theme when she came to me, she told me about Jake's new wheels, and together we figured it out and ended up with this adorable party - probably one of my favorites yet! It was a nice break from monkeys. Not that I don't love doing the monkey parties or's just that I've been doing a lot of monkeys lately. Not "doing" doing monkeys - you're gross.

Anyway - here is the newest line, I'm lovingly calling it "Race On Over" - I hope that doesn't sound too Nascar. I don't care for Nascar. I would say that I "hate" Nascar, but my mama always told me that hate is a nasty word. You wanna know what wasn't nasty though? Those delicious cupcakes I ate once the photo shoot was over.

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  1. SOOOOOO CUTE!! This is my favorite one yet! Love your stuff!