Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

I'm so excited! Just as I was saying that rush orders are the pits - I get a request for a seriously awesome one! I've been wanting to do a robot party for some time now, and was going to do a "sample party" (read; waste of time and money because the party is for nobody in particular - it's mostly so we can eat cupcakes once the photo shoot is over) because I know it would be such a cute theme. Well da da da daaaah (super hero sound)- a mom named Robin to the rescue! Her son is turning four - a perfect age for a robot party if I do say so myself - the party is in like, less than two weeks, and I'm ready to get started! Here is her reserved listing from my Etsy shop - I think my Mr. Roboto turned out pretty cool - once I make a few more robot friends for him we'll be ready to rock and... robot.

I can make those kinds of jokes because I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who even reads this...

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  1. rock and robot... hahahahahahha good one. 2 points.