More Fun In The Sun

I promised more sunny parties... is a sweet summertime birthday at a water park in Puerto Rico sunny enough for you?

This mama went all out! 

A candy shop...

An ice-cream sundae bar...

A personalized pi├▒ata...

and most importantly lots and LOTS of loved ones!

Mom sent me links to her photo albums posted on Facebook and I had a hard time picking and choosing which pictures to use. SO many friends and family, SO much fun had by all makes for SO many awesome pictures! It brings me so much joy to know that our little ol' party goodies are present at so many special events...even at water parks in Puerto Rico! 

One more of the sweet birthday girl... just because.

(On another totally unrelated note, I've designed a party around those bloomers! I'm not sure who makes them but I'm assuming it's someone on Etsy. If you're interested I can find out because boy oh boy they are CUTE!)

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  1. LOVE IT!!! Thanks Michelle, you did a wonderful job!!