Happy Halloween!

Considering I already have some pretty big plans in store for the Christmas season - including a beautiful "Winter Onederland" that's been in the works for about a month already - I decided I better savor the moment, stop and enjoy the current holiday - Halloween! I've put together just a taste of what I've been up to this Halloween season.

An old friend threw a birthday bash for another old friend turning 30 (I'm getting old!) and asked for my help with the banner. I thought it turned out super cute - hope you girls loved it!

Next to that we have some DELISH candy corn bark my friend Julie made for her husbands birthday bash - let me just tell you that it includes candy corn, oreo's, pretzels and white chocolate - are you kidding me? It was so good. Julie put together an awesome "Guitar Hero" gathering for Justin, and what gathering is complete without some good ol' food toppers made by yours truly? The pictures are blurry - but you get the idea. Sayings like "Justin Rocks" and "Hope your birthday is a rockin' good time" brought the theme together. Fun fact - I play "Hard" on most Guitar Hero songs - and I've even done one song on "Expert". No joke, I'm seriously good!

Moving on... Nutter Butter ghost cookies. Pretty easy to figure out - cookies, frosting (I thin mine out a little bit with some milk, so it spreads easier) and I used mini-peanut butter cups for the eyes - anything small and dark will work just fine. Another fun fact - Nutter Butter has other products other than the traditional peanut (ghost) shaped cookies. BE SURE of what you are buying before you buy it. They tricked me with some disgusting wafer-type cookie - I had to go back to the grocery store and find the right cookies... so be careful - and Nabisco, you owe me like $3.49 for your tricky packaging.

In keeping with the ghostly theme of our Halloween so far, Todd and I are attending all of our parties as ghosts. I found some nice white fabric at a thrift store for $.99 - cut it in half, cut out some eyes, painted around them - whamo - costumes! Best part about this picture - we were both smiling under there. Hope you all have a fabulous and safe Halloween!


  1. That ghost picture reminds me of a pic my bff's and I took in Bellingham, WA. We were at a local pharmacy, obviously bored, and we all put on masks to take a pic. All of us smiled big, in spite of the fact you couldn't see our faces... which makes me laugh even harder now because I'm wondering whom we decided to ask to take our picture on a late saturday evening inside a pharmacy wearing masks we had no intention of buying. Anywho... lovely post, you always have such cute stuff!

  2. Sorry so late posting!! Loved the banner for Meghann's party and she (and everyone else at the party) loved it as well. Thank you so much!!!