Featured on PoshLittle.com!

What a wonderful surprise to see that my monkey party was featured on Poshlittle.com! If any of you out there are in the business of getting knocked up you should definitely go visit that site! They have something for everyone in baby/kiddie land! It's so exciting to see that people other than my friends and family love my work. Now if I could just get the people at PoshLittle to also tell me how smart and pretty I am...we'd really be in business!

In other news, I have my first Etsy sale in the pipeline! Mom, Lauren, loved Laina's puppy party for her almost two year old and requested some of the same items for a party in July! Hopefully everything works out, and if it does - you'll be seeing more puppies and paw prints real soon...this time in pink & green (adorable!). To see Laina's finished puppy party package... go here!!!

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  1. You are also smart and pretty.. sorry I left that part out :-)