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Not knowing how many guests to prepare for can be very frustrating. In my own life I've found that people don't really start "RSVP-ing" until they've had the experience of being the hostess themselves. I remember the first shower I hosted, and I remember what a jerk I felt like when I finally got a taste of my own "too busy to RSVP" medicine. I can remember a time or two where I didn't want to be married to the decision of going to an event for fear that something "better" may come up. Thankfully I grew up and now realize that there is nothing better than celebrating with the ones you love. Whether it be a mailed response card, a phone call or a box checked on an "e-vite" - I always respond, and so should you. As any hostess will tell you, it is SO NICE to feel fully prepared for an event. Worrying about whether or not you have enough food or chairs even - is enough to take most of the joy out of the party planning process. I've discovered a few tips over the years that should help to get answers out of your guest list. (These tips are geared toward the kiddie party crowd who I most deal with these days)

Get your invites out as early as possible.
It shows that you are putting a lot of forethought into your event. If you care, they are more likely to.
An empty(ish) social calendar means people will have an easier time committing.

Include an email address.
. For those who can't make it, it's easier to email bad news than tell you over the phone.
 Most people are on email at least once every single day.
People are busy. They may not want to be on the phone for 15 minutes worth of small talk.
Guests won't have to worry about calling during a "convenient" time of day.

ESPECIALLY if you have invited older guests or folks who may not have an in-home computer;
Include a phone number. Email may not be their "thing".

Include the RSVP name.
If you're RSVP-ing to say, your kids' classmates party, you may not know mom and/or dad's name.

Include a "RSVP by DATE"
For some reason, I've found that people respond well to deadlines.
It gives you the "right" to follow up after that date if they haven't responded.

The best thing about a finalized guest list? It gives you the chance to really personalize your party and make each guest feel extra special. You'll be able to customize just about everything - like this!

I LOVE customizing parties - get your guest lists in order and let Le Poppy help make your guests feel appreciated at your next event!

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  1. Amen sister! I'm twitching about this even as I speak. We have a party this weekend and still haven't heard back from a few guests. In fact, last weekend (the RSVP deadline) we had to call/text just about the entire guest list of 23 because only 3 had actually responded! And STILL haven't heard back from some, even though In fact, I have followed all of your tips for many years and still it's a pain. I may have to do some cathartic ranting with an RSVP post myself...again.