Can You Tell Me How To Get....

This banner turned out so stinkin' cute, I just had to share. I made it a long while ago now, for a mom who originally wanted the banner but for me to leave the spacers (where the characters are) blank. She was going to try and find images herself, cut and glue them on... WHAT ARE YOU PAYING ME FOR WOMAN? I can do that!! That's my job!

I know what you are thinking, "Michelle, just yesterday you posted about not using commercial images" and to that I say "sshhh." I've decided that I'm not going post anything like that on Etsy - where I make money. But here my friends, here where my own personal life unfolds - where I share pictures and stories based in my real world - here is where I've chosen to share these little treasures. Some of what I post on here was done for free, for and with dear friends where Lord knows we weren't making money - we were spending it! A LOT of it!

I typically don't like the commercial stuff. I like parties where the "feeling" is there - but not necessarily the "faces" plastered all over everything. Sometimes, with the little ones - who just LOVE certain characters... you just gotta. Afterall, the party is for them, and they don't quite yet understand that mama really captured the essence of Elmo's spirit in this red punch. They want you to capture Elmo. Like in a cage. So they can drag him around all day, while wearing Elmo sunglasses indoors and spilling that red punch all over the hardwoods. Sometimes you just give in and roll with it.

Which is why I was a little bit excited to make this banner. Again, just like as in yesterday's post - this theme is a throwback to my own childhood and reminded me of things I hadn't thought about in a long long where the 3 kids are doing the same thing but one of those kids is doing his own thing... I'm usually that kid - doing my own thing - designing banners I don't have the rights to.

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