Payton's Elmo Party

This party was almost a year ago now, but I just came across the pictures and because it's so cute - I have to post it! One of my best friends is pretty much wife and mother of the universe...what you see here is just one of many reasons why I think so. She works so hard to make everything special. Down to the last detail, she strives to make sure everything is perfect - and it always is! Carli is my creative "other half". Together we have worked on countless birthday parties, showers, weddings etc and always end up with a fabulous event! From coming up with invites and outfits to Elmo pizza and party hats - we do it all - and always have fun doing it!

Carli specializes in invitations/announcements/thank you cards etc - here are the ones she created for Payton's Elmo Party!

If you are in the market for invitations or announcements of any kind - bop on over to Carli's Etsy shop at I promise you will looooove what she does!

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  1. I love your designs! You are one super talented lady!